Everyday Harassment: Trump, Val d’Or & Me.

I was the new girl, soon to be the bad girl.

Some years ago, when my husband was my boyfriend and I didn’t have children, he took me to the birthday party of a long-time friend. It was one of those first dates: meeting the circle of friends. I was confident and nervous at the same time. Upscale neighborhood, lots of smiles and handshakes, champagne and canapes. Continue reading

Smartphone Detox Day 1: Phantom Limb

Yesterday evening I sat with my family at our dinner table, watching them do the same old thing: fork, eat, repeat… and I was bored out of my skull. I’m not a person who gets bored, or I never used to be. My mind was always curious, always turning, wondering about life and the situations that arise within it and between people. But in this instance, I was stiff with disinterest. I wanted to run out of the house and down the street, tear my own hair out while screaming at the top of my lungs “get me out of here!”…or just go into my bedroom and hang out on my phone. Continue reading

Benefits of a professional resume

Fall is quickly approaching and I’m reminded that calls and emails from job seekers of all levels will pick up as another busy season is upon us. September is generally a time when companies begin to post employment ads in search of new talent. Whether you’re comfy in your present job post, looking to change positions or just starting out in your career, having a professional resume and cover letter can set you ahead of the competition and be a calling card in your back pocket when you need it.

What does it mean to have a professional resume and cover letter, and why is it important? Continue reading

Tips for Artists

If you’re anything like me, you find yourself wearing many hats: writer, editor, proofreader, graphic designer, artist, researcher, website creator… Being self-employed, you will often find that you provide your clients with more than just one specific service. Here are tips that can apply to almost any kind of freelancer. If you want to ask a question about freelancing, write to me anytime! Continue reading