SPIRIT WALK 2018 – Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal

Saturday June 16, 2018, I’ll be walking the Spirit Walk with other volunteers to raise money to keep the women and children of the Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal safe and connected to their traditional healing practices.
I am seeking donations. Any amount helps!! The money we raise will pay for the summer Healing Retreat for the women and children of the Shelter. Help us help Indigenous women in our community: DONATE HERE! https://t.co/WrMILLDp6Y
THANK YOU/MAARSI/HIY HIY for all your love and support.



Desmond Cole: I choose activism for Black liberation

Cole's Notes

This week I met with Andrew Philips, the Toronto Star’s editorial page editor, who has essentially served as my boss at the newspaper. Phillips called me in regarding my political disruption of the April 20 meeting of the Toronto Police Services Board. Phillips said this action had violated the Star’s rules on journalism and activism. He didn’t discipline me or cite any consequence for my actions—Phillips said he just wanted me to know what the Star’s rules are.

I have no formal employment with the Star. I’ve never signed any contract or agreement, and no one ever directed me to any of the policies Phillips cited. However, I knew my police protest was activism, and I could have guessed the Star wouldn’t appreciate it.

At no time during this week’s meeting did Phillips try to tell me how I must conduct myself in the future. He did say he hopes…

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