Benefits of a professional resume

Fall is quickly approaching and I’m reminded that calls and emails from job seekers of all levels will pick up as another busy season is upon us. September is generally a time when companies begin to post employment ads in search of new talent. Whether you’re comfy in your present job post, looking to change positions or just starting out in your career, having a professional resume and cover letter can set you ahead of the competition and be a calling card in your back pocket when you need it.

What does it mean to have a professional resume and cover letter, and why is it important?

A resume and cover letter written by a professional writer should be a collaborative, enlightening and pleasant process designed to uncover your best hard and soft skills relevant to whatever job it is you’re applying for. Even simply consulting with a writer to get some recommendations is a good idea, that way if you are intent on doing the work yourself, you can at least have a few tips to guide you.

Advantages to a professionally written resume and cover letter:

Objective professional opinion: If you already have a resume and cover letter, a professional writer will be able to look at them in depth and give you a professional opinion and some recommendations. This way you can understand not only what the writer will improve on and add, but also why these changes are important in the overall process of employment.

Recognition of your value
: Often times we overlook skills and experiences we think are not valuable because we think anyone can do that or that’s nothing special! However, a professional writer will be able to identify the skills necessary for your chosen career path as well as uncover others thought to be ordinary and hence, worthless. Identifying hidden skills is especially helpful for individuals who lack job experience or are coming back into the job market after a prolonged absence due to situations like illness or child rearing – those kinds of experiences may not seem to have value in terms of career experience, but in reality, they require hard and soft skills, i.e. time management, household accounting/bookkeeping, communication, empathy, conflict resolution, multitasking, etc.

Relevance in today’s market: When consulting with a professional writer you will get service that is up to date with the industry. For example, in today’s market keywords in a resume are critical as many large corporations feed resumes into a software that weeds out those lacking words essential to describing the job role and responsibilities. A resume created 10 years ago may not cut it in today’s competitive world.

Good writing: A good writer knows how to write, edit and proofread. Not all of us have that skill set. Sending out a resume and cover letter with typos and incorrect grammar, not to mention mediocre writing may communicate to the hiring manager that doing your best when applying was not your top priority.

A proper resume and cover letter will also help prepare you for the interview to come, organize your thoughts and boost your confidence.