Views on Art

My friend Matt Toews asked me what my message to society is on art? Big question. Required some reflection of course, and this is what I can up with: I think art is to take something that’s an inspiration to me – like an aged face or the way someone moves or a grey, crisp day – and try to understand the emotion it stirs in me through whatever art I feel like using to interpret that, and then communicate that emotion to the world in the hope that someone else will see and feel, not necessarily share my particular experience, but appreciate some aspect of it. I would say that’s my message: that art is to move through colors and lines and whole panoramas of life and pick up on the subtleties, the details, and feel them and then work from there to interpret them in some lasting way. To send out a vibration of something I found to be beautiful or exceptional or simple but definitely particular and see what comes back, what I learn, and how that influences the next thing that I experience and create, and so on. So the whole experience of art is something dynamic, that’s constantly moving between people: a giving and receiving of life experienced.

Melanie Lefebvre