Who Are Your Potential Clients

There are many types of writing and the kind that you do will dictate your client base. Here I will give tips on finding clients as a copywriter because that is the broadest of the writing categories: you need to have a broad, general knowledge and if you don’t know something about your client’s business, you need to be able to research fast.

As a copywriter, your clients are everywhere: anyone who owns a business is your client. Almost every company needs written material to market their services, to inform the public on their activities, to communicate internally and externally. You may find yourself wearing many hats: writer, editor, proofreader, content manager, perhaps even working with the designer so that the product is developed seamlessly.

Since almost everyone needs you, why not start off with those who can afford you: Who has the money?

Obviously, Fortune 500 companies have money. You can google a list of those easily enough. Research their business on their websites, familiarize yourself with their achievements so that when you talk to them, you have something to say! You will also find out who to contact on their website: Director of Communications, Marketing Director, Public Relations department… search or google until you find the email of that person OR, better yet, call the receptionist and ask to speak with your contact directly. DO NOT contact Human Resources. There is nothing wrong with the Human Resources department, but you are not looking to be an employee, so that’s not the department to contact. Be sure to have your pitch ready before you make that call. See my post on The Pitch.

That’s one list. If you use your imagination, you can come up with a lot more: top 100 employers in [ insert your country name here ], marketing firms, communications companies, PR firms, any company that sells anything… basically you can open up the Yellow Pages and start at A… I’m not kidding.

And there’s no rule that says you can’t contact the CEO or president of a company. You have valuable services, you’re serious, start at the top.

Melanie Lefebvre